Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I started this blog because of a WG friend named Doc. He introduced me to his blog You Just Keep On Believing That and I finally started participating last week. I won the coveted Giant Peach Award.

The article came from an Italian priest that was organizing a beauty pagent for nuns. The word game was to put in The worst idea ever for a beauty pageant involved _______________ .

I put in high school lunch ladies, and won.

Just to give you a bit of background. I moved 1/2 though my freshman year of high school. My first high school technically I started in 7th Grade. Very small school about 30-35 in my would be graduating class. Kindergarten though 6th Grade are in the elementary school and 7th - 12th are in the high school. We ate lunch with the upperclassman and had the same teachers. At my first school which had a large Italian population actually had yummy food. There were two of my classmates and one girl a year younger than me whose mothers were the "lunch ladies." Remember here the food was good and we knew the cooks.

I moved to the middle of nowhere. You could not get a clear radio station unless it was country. This is 1993 and country is starting to be popular, but isn't quite there yet. My school took in surrounding towns creating a whopping 71 in my graduating class. This was the first time I experience "mystery" meat. One time a guy at the next table found a cockroach in his chicken sandwich. Over 1/2 the school was absent the next day, and of course it "wasn't because of the chicken."

We also had scary looking lunch ladies and you never knew where they came from. Did they live at the school? They even had to fix our prom meal for us - just imagine how fun that was.

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Doc said...

LOL... Congrats on the Peach!

True story - My wife (a teacher)actually said to me on Monday night "I think all cafeteria ladies are just mean" because she has a child this year with a strict religious diet and they cafeteria isn't cooperating.