Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Why Alone is Enough

Is being single a choice? Are singletons too picky? I don't think it is a choice or being too picky. Does anyone ever plan never finding someone to share their life with and just being alone?

I just read this article on Amy Cohen and near the end it talks about a biking trip she took in the Colorado Rockies. There were a couple of married women that told her she was so brave for doing this on her own. She didn't view herself as being brave. I understand because when you are single sometimes you cannot find someone that is willing or able to share those activities with you. If you want to them then you go out on your own. I am now planning on reading the rest the book sometime.

I don't think being single is necessairly a choice because it is not one person making that decision. My longest relationship of 2 and 1/2 years had ended and less than a year later he was married. He had only met her a few months before we broke up. For a long time I thought he was the guy I was going to marry.

As for being picky my list of someone that I would want to date includes: average attractiveness, at least as intelligent as me, has a sense of humor, has a sense of life and adventure, has personality, and can hold down a job. And he has to find me attractive and enjoys being around me. While I think my list is pretty simple I think it may be hard to fulfill.

The overall idea I got from this article is how I try to live my life. Do the things I enjoy doing - even if they are alone.

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