Sunday, November 9, 2008

The House Bunny

I will say this movie is one where you get what you expect. I wanted to laugh and not have to think too much and this is exactly what I got. It was fun.
I saw this one with my girlfriend, Julie, and she enjoyed it too. One of the things she commented on was Anna Faris' stomache.
I kinda knew that Demi Moore's daughter Rumor Willis was in the movie. I was surprised to see Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson's son Colin (although he looked familar), and Katherine McPhee.
I saw the positives in this movie - you need lot learn to be yourself. The ZETA girls tried to be what Shelley wanted them to be and enjoyed the results, but learned they need to also be themselves.
I was reminded of Legally Blonde, but this movie wasn't meant to be that. It wasn't like Shelley got inspired to be a better person. She wanted to be a centerfold.
It was funny seeing Hugh and his former girlfriends in the movie.
Relax, and have fun with this movie.

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