Saturday, November 15, 2008

Georgia Rule

I found Georgia Rule to be much better than expected. My mom had seen it and enjoyed it - otherwise I probably would have skipped this one. Why? I'm not a Lindsay Lohan fan. I just get sick of all the tabloid press on her - really who cares.
The story centers around Rachel (Lindsay Lohan). She graduates from school in January and is free until she leaves for college in the fall - and she gets into trouble. The only thing her mom, Lilly, (Felicity Huffman) can think of is to send her to Idaho to stay with her mom, Georgia (Jane Fonda).
Lindsay ends up revealing some information to her boss - the story is centered around the question - is Rachel telling the truth or is she making this information up.
The unspoken question is how do life's events change us? What is a survivor? This is a movie I can watch again because it does have more than just one layer to it. Also there are times that you really like each of the leading women and times that you really don't like them - which I find to be good character development. To be able to get more than one emotion out of the audience about your character in less than 2 hours is fantastic - actually for some actors to get you to even develop an emotion about a character anymore...
While I'm not walking away from this movie as a Lindsay Lohan fan, however, I do realize that she has some talent. I will say the character of Rachel does make you think they have similar personalities with the way the press describes Lindsay. I just hope that she is able to grow up and actally pick roles that she can use her talent rather than just be in the tabloids.

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