Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Reliving Childhood

Last night I relived a happy part of my childhood. Slightly over 18 years ago I went to my first concert - New Kids on the Block. Last night I saw them again. I had begun to wonder if they were good performers or if my 12 year old self thought they were that great. Last night told me they were great performers. I had a good time. I was in the cheap seats, but had a great view with binoculars. I am very glad I went, even if it is a bit embarrassing to say that I went and saw New Kids on the Block.

When I saw them on the Today show back in May I had wondered if they were trying to stay "teenagers" and continued to question with the video Summertime. However, they had aged their performance appropriately. They even commented on the fans being able to drink beer, being pregnant, and they guys in attendance were going to benefit tonight.

I remember with Cover Girl they would have a little girl that was between the ages of 2 - 5 on stage with them. On the screen they had the girls dancing in the box displayed and lots of booty shaking.

I'm glad to see they are back and I wish The Block continued success. My only complaint about their new album is they should release another song or two from it.

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