Thursday, November 13, 2008

Survivor Mind-Set

Survivor Mind-Set
By Laurence Gonzales
  • The belief that you control your destiny versus believing that it is controlled for you.
  • Deny denial – refuse to allow yourself to believe that “this can’t be happening,” and recognize the threat for what it is.
  • Think positive, in terms of how the experience will help you grow as a person.
  • Know Plan B – set specific goals as well as actions to take if they are not met. Rehearse these actions, so that they are easy to remember even when you’re under stress.
  • Do the next right thing – find activities which allow you to think sequentially.
  • Use a mantra, a short word or phrase which keeps you focused on what will get you home alive.
  • Understand linked system – the ways in which your own and others’ action affect each other.
  • Don’t celebrate the summit. Most climbing mishaps happen on the way down, so don’t spend much time enjoying the “goal” if it is really a halfway point.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – challenge yourself to think in a new way to learn something which will use different parts of your brain.
  • Risk and reward – with regard to danger, think in terms of what you will get out of it and the most you are willing to risk for that reward.
  • Trust your instincts – even if there is no obviou8s reason not to trust a person or situation.
  • Help others – taking responsibility for others moves you from “victim” to “rescuer” mentality.
  • Be cool – unlike acting “cool,” actually being cool involves maintaining “relaxed awareness” which makes it easier for survivors to maintain or regain emotional equilibrium under stress.
  • Surrender, but don’t give up – recognizing one’s limitations allows a survivor to keep going.

    Above all, a survivor mind-set must being to be practiced immediately – waiting for a situation which demands it will be too late.

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