Monday, December 29, 2008

Angry Housewives Eating Bon Bons

I read this book for a book club I have joined. Not to insult my book club, but I wish mine was more like this one. They were friends that helped each other out. The one I am in is almost too large and we’re not really comfortable in expressing strong opinions.

It starts out in the 1960s and goes into the 1990s. There is Slip – the activist, Audrey – the curvy sexpot, Faith – the liar of her past, Kari – the widow, and Merit – the survivor of domestic abuse. While more books were read each chapter is about the person that chose a particular book – some books were discussed more than others. However, you could see these women being neighbors and even friends.

I found this book to be very hard to put down and I really enjoyed the characters and how they grew in their 30 years together as a book club. We also got to see how their children grew and became the people they are because of their mothers. I wrote down the books they had mentioned in the book to read, and I had already read some of them. I would also like to read more books by Lorna Landvik.

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