Monday, December 29, 2008


I really enjoyed this book on Queen Elizabeth II. Most biographies will make you really like a person or not like them. I walked away feeling pretty much the same about her. She is very much a traditionalist and trying to rule as her father would have, and often times this would cause her to make a decision without making a decision. One would be on not forcing Winston Churchill to resign due to health reasons, and the other involved her sister wanting to marry a divorced man. Other times is showed she has a lot of bravery – especially trying to stop a run away carriage and an assassination attempt.

Diana is often referred to as the People’s Princess, and from reading this book, before she was Queen, Elizabeth, was the People’s Princess. I think the two might not have liked each other very much because there were many similarities. However, the main reason Lilibet did not open her heart to Diana is because of her actions before she married Charles. Both were age 19 when they married. Lilibet was crazy about Phillip and this (her) love is what has kept them married for so many years, and she never saw that with Diana.

This book also makes one think of alternate history. What if during World War II had Hitler succeeded in invading Great Britain, and reestablished King Edward XII (a Nazi sympathizer) to the thrown.

From reading this book I have a much better understanding about Queen Elizabeth II and the British monarchy.

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