Monday, December 29, 2008

No Greater Love

Every now and then I’ve got to have a mindless read and Danielle Steele fits the bill. I had friends in high school that would only read her books. There are a few I really like and I could put No Greater Love in that category. Edwina is 20 years old and on the return portion of her engagement trip on the Titanic her parents and fiancée are unable to leave the ship. She is left to raise her siblings on her own. Mourning her fiancée she will not consider marriage to anyone until the children are grown. Phillip leaves to attend Harvard, but drops out to fit in World War I or the Great War. George is the next to go to Harvard, but leaves to go to Hollywood and make movies. George becomes a success and his younger sister Alexis dreams of becoming an actress. Not only are George and Alexis’ futures held in Hollywood, but Edwina’s also ends up there.

While most Danielle Steele novels have similar plots this was a fun but sad read. She stayed true with the character and there was no dramatic jump which left me thinking where did this come from?

My favorite Danielle Steele books are: Wings, Jewels, and Mixed Blessings. I can now add No Greater Love to that list.

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