Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Do the shoes make the man?

I read this story and was amazed. Here is a young man that made a bet that he could have easily swept under the rug and no one would remember a thing about it. It really seems like the world has changed. No longer is “my word” and a handshake acceptable we must have a contract for our attorneys to go over – and don’t forget to read the small print!

We’ve also become so much more judging. He said that people thought he was poor because of his shoes. I wonder what his social life was like at school – which group did he belong to? If you don’t wear the right clothes you won’t fit in. We all desperately wanted to fit in when we were in school.

One of the things I just read was don’t worry about getting the approval of other people because people are self focused and are wanting to get your approval of them. Is this what life is about – trying to get approval from others?

In college there was a guy that had dreds and walked barefoot even in snow. One day the University Daily Kansan did an article on him. He said as a youth his family went to Alaska. There he walked on the tundra barefoot and enjoyed the feeling so much that he wanted to experience the world though his feet. This goes to show there is always more to the story. Maybe the hippie guy has it right – maybe we should experience life how we want to and not give a damn what others think. Oh, yeah, he did carry a cheap pair of flip flops in his back pack when he went into places that required shoes.

The more I think about it shoes really doesn’t make the man, because both of these men are very interesting, but their shoes weren’t. Why am I in a competition with Imelda Marcos for shoes?

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