Saturday, November 26, 2011

Living in the Present

Maybe with the holidays season in full gear and the end of the year rapidly approaching it makes me look at my life. Am I the person I want to be?

Physically - no. My BMI puts me at obese. Now looking at me obese isn't what comes to mind. I'm well proportioned. Yes, have it going on in the front and the back to quote Beauty Shop. However, I'm trying to get fit. While my dream would be to have a body similar to Cindy Crawford - she's fat, she's not overly thin, and she has curves. This is what a woman should strive to look like - not a little boy with boobs. However, I'm going to enjoy food, and of course, beer. I just need to be more physically active. This I'm working on improving.

Mentally - no. While many do think I'm smart; I realize how much I don't know. I remember reading a long time ago that really smart people realize how much they don't know. Yes, it does frustrate me that I would rather read and know the real reason why Demi and Ashton are getting a divorce rather than the reason why our Congress cannot put together a budget. I need to read more classic books. I need to know more history. Maybe I am smart, but I want to know more.

Spiritually - no. I know I need work here. I'm a cradle Catholic. I'm disappointed in most of the changes to our mass coming up next week. Especially the "earth peace." Um, have we discovered life on other planets? What if I want to wish someone Jupiter peace? I guess since Pluto, everyone's favorite planet in my opinion has been down graded to a dwarf planet, I guess I cannot wish anyone Pluto peace. Maybe Pluto or Jupiter peace would be better than Earth peace . Why discriminate since this is only where we happen to live? I think Descartes was full of air (or something else) when he was able to deny everything existed - even the computer I'm typing on, yet God existed. The one thing that keeps my belief, no matter how bad it seems, nearly every culture believes in a power higher than themselves. That power is usually one main God and there are smaller gods or saints below them. These are few of my thoughts. I know religion is a very passionate subject to many. If anyone is reading this, and you have strong opinions, please follow your belief and walk the walk rather than just talking it.

Emotionally - no. I'm struggling with my place in this world. If you are not married and don't have children it seems like you really don't belong. I have a tendency to push people away. There are very few people living or dead that know the whole me. Most people get a part or two, but not enough to piece together a whole picture. While I can say it is because I'm not close with my family and have very few friends. I know I'm not always the friend that I should be, but I do try. For any relationship to be successful it takes two people. It is about give and take and the roles must change.

While my answer is no to the above categories I'm not unhappy with my life. I look at where I want to be and times I'm not quite sure how to get there. I've often made the mistake of living too much in the past or too much in the future and neglect the present. I'm working on this too. Living in the present is a very challenging task.

Physically, I'm trying to walk more and hope the weather will cooperate. Dr. Andrew Weill once stated walking is the best form of exercise and you don't need to do any other. Today I was wondering how women in the pre-Civil war days stayed in shape. I really don't see how they could get in much exercise with the hoop skirt. What are we doing wrong?

Mentally, I'm reading more books. My current challenge is to read a book about each President of the United States in other of election. I'm trying to mix the fiction with non-fiction.

Spiritually, I'm going to church and trying to put my trust in the Lord to do what he wants. I'm finding out I'm a bit of a control freak and this is a challenge.

Emotionally, I'm trying to weed out those that bring about negativity and leave those that are positive in my life. Make others earn my trust rather than just giving it to them.

That are the thoughts at the top of my head. I'm trying to live and not just go though the motions of life.

Until next time...

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